Our product offering

Managing mutual funds is our core business. We specialise in the management of active equity and liquid alternatives for private and institutional investors. We continuously review and develop our investment methods in line with the latest scientific findings.

We offer all FIRST PRIVATE funds via private banks, cooperative banks and savings banks, in addition to several financial service providers.

What we offer:

  • Active investments
  • Systematic, comprehensible investment processes
  • Transparent reporting
  • Institutional fund share classes
  • Fund share classes for private clients
  • Funds in different risk categories

Liquid alternatives

Our liquid alternatives strategies aim to generate sustainable returns that are – as far as possible – independent of the market, while at the same time limiting risk.

The FIRST PRIVATE multi-strategy approaches rethink the concept of diversification. We see the allocation of strategies and ideas from a wide range of asset classes as a modernisation of the traditional multi-asset approach.

In our view, successful asset management must be based on investment strategies that generate returns regardless of interest rates or the market enviroment. The overall aim is to make your portfolio more robust.

stable returns

Equity funds

Our equity strategies are designed with the aim of achieving sustainable added value versus standard benchmark indices and passive investment approaches that is as independent of the market environment as possible.

The FIRST PRIVATE equity processes are based on the systematic, bottom-up selection of the most attractive individual stocks. Our approach predominantly draws on the quantitative and systematic evaluation of fundamental (balance sheet) ratios.

Our portfolios focus on broad diversification, consistently limiting the proportion accounted for by individual shares. The key prerequisite for investment success is the disciplined implementation of the investment processes outlined. The overall aim is to make your portfolio more robust.

Broad diversification